Omron HJ-112 Owner Reviews

Keep Track to Succeed!

By Shelly

This pedometer is Consumer Reports #1 rated digital pedometer- and I can see why. It’s extremely light weight and really easy to use with just four big buttons on the front. Here’s a few of its best features:

-it can accurately senses steps in your belt, pocket, OR purse!
-it has a large display for the visually impaired
-it has a 7 day history so you can see progress (or lack of)
-it calculates calories and distance in addition to steps

I’d recommend this little device to anyone who wants to lose weight- just begin one day, and the next day, see if you can maintain or beat your previous step record. Now how easy is that?

Best of Breed: The Gold Standard Among Pedometers

By Samuel Chell

Guess what? The Omron people aren’t pulling your leg. This is indeed a very sensitive little machine that does what it says it will do, in addition to being fast, easy, convenient, and extremely durable. I decided to test it by walking 30-40 minutes with the Omron in my shirt pocket and the Sportline clipped to my belt. At the end of my walk the Omron and Sportline were within 80 steps of each other. Moreover, it was the Omron that gave me the extra steps (a bonus if you consider the amount of time it takes–practically 2 hours–to log the full 10,000 steps).

Eye opener


My husband purchased two of these pedometers in an effort to fight our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. I figured I would probably use it once & then throw it in a desk drawer & forget about it…but that didn’t happen! Not only are these little devices easy to set up & use, but they do the trick of really making you realize how little excercise you get at a desk job!! Just clip it to your belt at the beginning of the day & forget about it. I almost died when I realized that on average I was walking less than 800 steps a day. Talk about a much needed wake up call. We are now taking daily walks and steadily increasing our daily excercise. Well worth the money.

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