Omron HJ-112 Battery Installation

You just got your new Omron HJ-112.  What to do next?

Omron HJ-112 in sales package

First thing is to get it out of the package.  This is a job since the package is heat sealed on both sides and the bottom.  A sharp utility knife (box cutter) worked for me.

What’s in the box? This picture shows all except the instruction booklet and the Warranty Registration Card.

HJ-112 and accessory equipment

The following instructions and pictures show how to install the battery.  This covers the same material as one page of the Omron instruction booklet which in my opinion is not very detailed.

Use the screwdriver to remove the screw that holds the battery cover in place.

Unscrew the retaining screw from back of HJ-112

Remove the battery cover.

The battery will be inserted into the battery holder area.  Slip the battery under the retainer tab first.

Battery holder in HJ-112

Slip the battery in place.

Slide battery into holder

Battery is properly installed.

HJ-112 with battery installed

Install the battery cover.  Slide the end opposite the screw hole in place first.

HJ-112 Install the battery cover

Screw the retainer screw into the battery cover.  Refer to previous picture for unscrewing the retaining screw.

HJ-112 with battery installed and ready to set the time

Now you are ready to set the time.  The instruction booklet covers this in sufficient detail so we will not cover it on this site.