New version of HJ-112?

It appears that Omron has released a new version of the Omron HJ-112. The new picture on the Omron site shows the HJ-112 with only three buttons instead of the four buttons that the original unit has.  One of the pictures on Amazon shows this version of the pedometer with the caption “Newest version Just Released”.  However, if you look at the instruction manual on the Omron site, it still shows the old unit with four buttons.

New Omrom HJ-112 Pedometer

New Omron HJ-112

I looked at the Omron Facebook and Twitter sites and did not see any press release announcing a new version.

If there is a new version, it is appears to be a well kept secret.

I am opening this post up for comments  for a few days.  Does anyone else have any info to contribute on this?

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