Free Super Saver Shipping

Let me give you a tip about buying on Amazon.  If your order is over $25, the shipping is free.  With the Amazon Free Super Saver Shipping, you won’t have to worry about shipping because Amazon pays for orders of products over $25 sold by Amazon.

Here is an example of an order for an Omron HJ-112 Pocket Pedometer.  The pedometer is priced just under $25 as a result it does not qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping. So, the shipping cost is $5.14.

However, if you can find an item that you need and combine it with your Omron HJ-112 Pocket Pedometer, you can apply the shipping cost to the second product.  I added the book Pedometer Walking: Stepping Your Way to Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness which costs $10.36 and the total order only increased $5.22.  This means that the $10.36 book only cost $5.22.  I consider that a bargain.